Abderazak Sidi Salah, Master 2 student

I was born in Algeria and raised in a Berber culture. In May 2020, I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences (Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Limoges, France). Motivated to further continue my studies, I have joined the Master of Science in Life and Health Science (specialization in genomics and biotechnology) within the same university. During the first year of the Master’s degree, I did an internship at the Vegepolys Valley R&D center (Angers, France) where my project was focused on apple S-RNase self-incompatibility alleles. My main objective was to develop a method for extracting genomic DNA from fruit in sufficient quantity and purity to determine S alleles by genotyping.


In January 2023, I was recruited for my Master 2 internship at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences (Grenoble, France) to work with Dr. Marjorie Whitfield and Dr. Aminata Touré. During this internship, I have the great opportunity to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the biogenesis of the mammalian sperm flagellum, focusing on the role of the annulus, a small annular structure that is still poorly described in the scientific literature.


Professionally, I aspire to pursue a career as a biology engineer because I believe it is a multifaceted job allowing interactions and continuous technological development. I am passionate about biology and I wish to contribute to its advancements through research, translational and innovative aspects.


Aside from my studies, I have a passion for running, and I occasionally participate in charity marathons. I also love to travel, read books on personal development, or practice photography to capture the beauty of nature and landscapes during hikes.

contact : abderazak.sidisalah25@gmail.com

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